A critical step in BEEM’s Content Development Process is provided by our team of BEEM Raters. BEEM Raters is a dedicated group of practicing emergency physicians from around the world. BEEM Raters are sent the titles and conclusions from 5–10 recent articles and asked to rate each article on its relevance to the physician’s own clinical practice. The short online survey takes no more than 5–10 minutes to do and it requires no continuing obligation on the part of the Raters.

Do you know of a recently published study that hasn’t been BEEM Rated? If so, send us the title and first author to [email protected]. If it meets our criteria, we’ll send it to our BEEM Raters. If it doesn’t meet our criteria, we’ll let you know why!

Current Survey

Click HERE to rate our recently selected articles. You can also register with BEEM and receive this link via email on a weekly basis.