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What is BEEM?

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BEEM stands for Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine and is a nonprofit, international, emergency medicine (EM) knowledge translation project started in 2004 at McMaster University, the centre for evidence-based medicine.

BEEM is a unique collaboration of frontline and academic emergency physicians around the world working together to find, select, appraise, and summarize the most recent and relevant emergency medicine-related studies.

BEEM does this by continuously screening over 100 medical journals for the latest emergency medicine-relevant studies. A copy of the title and conclusions of each selected article is sent to BEEM Raters, frontline emergency physicians around the world, who rate each article on its relevance to the clinical practice of emergency medicine. Those articles with the highest ratings are critically appraised by a group of clinical epidemiologists and emergency physicians trained in evidence-based medicine.

The studies that pass all of the quality assessments formulate the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine and the BEEM reviews are presented at the BEEM Course.

The key objective of BEEM is to make current, clinically relevant information available to all practicing emergency physicians.