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Dream BEEM


Dream BEEM

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Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you!

Does your institution have a group of emergency medicine professionals that need evidence-based CME? Too expensive to send everyone to one of our exotic locations? No problem, we will come to you! Please contact Natasha Clayton ([email protected]) if you would like to host a BEEM course at your institution. Don’t forget to ask us about our discounted ‘bundle’ options!

12 or 14 hours of CME

BEEM prides itself on delivering the most recentrelevantreliable, and unbiased evidence-based guidance for clinical practice in emergency medicine.

BEEM BITs (all other emergencies) 2 hours
Cardio-Resp Emergencies 2 hours
Infections 1 hour
Neuro/Stroke 1 hour
Pediatric Emergencies 3 hours
Trauma/Critical Care 2 hours
BEEM Jeopardy Review 1 hour
LLSA Review 2 hours
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